In ‘On Trial Series’, we charge fictional characters from movies, TV shows/series, books etc with penal offences and put them on a trial in accordance with Indian Criminal Laws. The 3 squircles (squares with rounded corners) in the ‘On Trial Series’ logo represent 3 stages of trial we follow – framing of charges, determination of guilt, and sentencing.

Format and Rules

  • Every session (or should we say ‘every trial’) has 2 sides, the prosecution and the defendant.
  • CrLRR Members and Volunteers form these two sides. 
  • For every session, the participants draft a chargesheet explaining the charges and relevant facts. The chargesheet forms the basis for the arguments and the participant are expected to limit their arguments accordingly.
  • Each side has 2 speakers. The speaking order is as follows: P1, P2, D1, and D2.
  • Others are allowed to attend the sessions and are encouraged to question the teams.


You can watch previous episodes of the On Trial Series on our YouTube Channel.