Criminal Law Get Together is a virtual discussion forum organized by Criminal Law Research & Review (CrLRR) and hosted by its Founder, Ashwani, to discuss and deliberate upon contemporary & consequential questions, legal developments and scholarships relating to criminal law and allied fields.

Format and Rules of Discussion

  • Every session has at least one primary reading.
  • There are two ways to participate in a session, as a discussant and as an attendee. 
  • Discussants are expected to have read the primary reading for the session and are given 10-12 minutes to provide a short comment on the said reading.
  • Attendees are also encouraged to participate but are not mandated to. 
  • Once all discussants (in a given session, there should not be more than 3 discussants other than the host) have made their points, the floor is opened for the attendees to comment or raise a question.
  • A session usually lasts for 60 to 75 minutes.


  • In the first two sessions, we covered sedition law and its misuse.
  • In the third session, we discussed Preeti Dash‘s paper ‘Rape adjudication in India in the aftermath of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013: findings from trial courts of Delhi‘ published in Indian Law Review, Vol 4, Issue 2.