Hostile Witness | What does the law say?

Author: Shreya Sahoo Who is a Hostile Witness? The terms “hostile witness”, “adverse witness, “unfavourable witness”, “unwilling witness” have originated from the common law and was primarily introduced to provide proper security against the contrivance of an artful witness, who after promising a party to provide evidence in their favour might afterwards destroy their case … Continue reading Hostile Witness | What does the law say?

Attempt to Commit Suicide

Attempt to suicide is more a manifestation of a diseased condition of mind deserving of treatment and care rather than punishment. It would not be just and fair to inflict additional legal punishment on a person who has already suffered agony and ignominy in his failure to commit suicide

Attempt to Murder

To justify a conviction under Section 307, it is not essential that bodily injury capable of causing death should have been inflicted. Although the nature of injury actually caused may often give considerable assistance in coming to a finding as to the intention of the accused, such intention may also be deduced from other circumstances, and may even, in some cases, be ascertained without any reference at all to actual wounds.