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377 IPC | Still a long way to go

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“Social exclusion, identity seclusion and isolation from the social mainstream are still the stark realities faced by individuals today and it is only when each and every individual is liberated from the shackles of such bondage and is able to work towards full development of his/her personality that we can call ourselves a truly free society”


Actus Reus & Mens Rea: The Inseparable Components of Crime

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The principle is actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea (the intent and act must both concur to constitute the crime). Although prima facie there must be mind at fault before there can be a crime, it is not an inflexible rule, and a statute may relate to such a subject-matter and may be so framed as to make an act criminal whether there has been an intention to break the law or not.


Maintenance under Cr.PC., 1973

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The strict proof of marriage should not be a pre- condition for maintenance under section 125 of crpc. It would be believed that such interpretation is just application of principles enshrined in Preamble upholding dignity of individuals.


Sabarimala | Overview & Analysis

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Author: Chhavishree Somani. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION.. RESPONDENTS ARGUMENT. MAJORITY JUDGES: GROUNDS. JUSTICE INDU MALHOTRA’S JUDGMENT. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF JUSTICE MALHOTRA’S OPINION.. INTRODUCTION An instant writ petition was filed by an association of lawyers under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution against the Government of Kerala, Devaswom Board of Travancore, Chief Thanthri of Sabarimala Temple and the District Magistrate of Pathanamthitta

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