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Author: Advait Shukla Sachin s/o Namdeo Rathod & Ors. v. State of Maharashtra        Case No.: CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 732 OF 2018) Date Of Reserving Judgment: 19th November, 2018. Date Of Pronouncing Judgment: 27th November, 2018. Coram:  T. V. Nalawade & Smt. Vibha Kankanwadi, Jj. Judgment Per: T.V. Nalawade, J. PRINCIPLES OF LAW DISCUSSED: It is … Continue reading Bombay High Court | Judgment Updates

Bombay High Court | Judgment Updates

It is settled position of law that the proceeding filed under Section 125 of the CrPC is summary proceeding wherein a strict proof of fact is not required like other criminal proceedings. The Court should get reasonable assurance from the evidence adduced by respondent wife that the marriage has taken place between the parties and she is the first legally wedded wife of the husband from whom she claims maintenance

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Dying declaration of a deceased is a good evidence to convict an accused after taking into consideration all the relevant circumstances surrounding the situation. In cases where two views are available before a Court, the Court must take the view that would result into the acquittal of the accused on the grounds of benefit of reasonable doubt.

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Author: Advait Shukla. Himachal Pradesh High Court    1. State of Himachal v. Amar Nath        Case No. Criminal Appeal No. 27 of 2008) Date of Reserving Judgment: 19th November 2018 Date of Pronouncing Judgment: 21st November 2018 Coram: The Hon’ble Mr. Tarlok Singh Chauhan, J. Judgment By: The Hon’ble Mr. Tarlok Singh Chauhan, J. PRINCIPLES OF … Continue reading High Courts Updates | HP HC | Bom HC