Significance and Challenges of Criminology in Public Policy

Edwin H. Sutherland gave a comprehensive definition of the term criminology – the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon....[]. It is important to understand and study criminology - to know why individuals commit crime, what are the social conditions out of which crime emerges, what provokes offenders, to improve the criminal justice system. Criminology is a science which deals with different aspects of human behavior that violate criminal law. Edwin

Conceptions of Criminal Liability: Individualism and Corporatism

This article aims to examine the corporate criminal liability framework. It highlights the individualistic bias of this framework and the problems this bias creates when imposing liability on corporations. The second part of this article focuses on the manner in which the judiciary has tried to mould this individualistic framework to impose criminal liability on corporations. It also proposes alternative punishments that could be imposed on organizations to make criminal liability more effective. 

Police Brutality, Custodial Death, And A Futile Pursuit Of Justice

Introduction | Custodial Death The law protectors have become the law violaters. Recently, there has been hue and cry about the police brutality and custodial death cases – from Eric Garner to George Floyd, from the Hyderabad encounter case to the Tuticorin custodial death case. These brutalities incidents are not new; these cases have always … Continue reading Police Brutality, Custodial Death, And A Futile Pursuit Of Justice

Prison Reforms in India

Punishing the offenders is a primary function of all civil societies. Detainment facilities are known to have existed all through the history. Presence of penitentiaries can be followed back to the old time frame. It was trusted that thorough disconnection and custodial measures would change the guilty parties.