An Analysis of Singapore High Court’s Judgment on Homosexuality

The High Court of Singapore in its judgment dated 30th March, 220 Ong Ming Johnson v. Attorney-General and other matters upheld the legality of section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code criminalizing consensual sexual intercourse between two men. The section was challenged by LGBT activists on grounds of violating the fundamental rights of citizens e.g., … Continue reading An Analysis of Singapore High Court’s Judgment on Homosexuality

Ramdas & Ors. v. State of Maharashtra

What is the effect of delay in lodging the report with the police is a matter of appreciation of evidence, and the court must consider the delay in the background of the facts and circumstances of each case. Different cases have different facts and it is the totality of evidence and the impact that it has on the mind of the court that is important.

Shanti v. State Of Haryana

Cruelty is common essential for both of the offences- Dowry Death under section 304-B as well as Cruelty under 498-A. Section 304-B and 498-A are not mutually exclusive, these provisions deal with two distinct offences provisions. Court stated that accused charged but acquitted under Section 304-B....[Read More]