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S. 482 CrPC | Inherent Power of High Court

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The powers possessed by the High Court under section 482 of the Code are very wide and the very plenitude of the power requires great caution in its exercise. The court must be careful to see that its decision in exercise of this power is based on sound principles.


Admissibility of evidence in a conspiracy case

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It is true that provision as contained in Section 10 is a departure from the rule of hearsay evidence. There can be two objections to the admissibility of evidence under Section 10 and they are (1) the conspirator whose evidence is sought to be admitted against co-conspirator is not confronted or crossexamined in Court by the co-conspirator and the second that….


Union of India v. V. Sriharan [Part 1]

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Which Government would be the Appropriate Government as defined under Section 432(7)? | Who would be the ‘Appropriate Government’ for grant of remission as was provided under Section 401 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which is the corresponding Section for 432 of Code of Criminal Procedure?? | Question of Primacy: Executive power of the Union v. Executive power of the State