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Ans 1- OPTION 4 is correct. Consent present.

Ans 2- OPTION 2

Ans 3- OPTION 3 Right of private defence extends to protecting other body and property protecting too. Force used was appropriate.

Ans 4- OPTION 1  he did intend/know that he may thereby cause Z to believe that the dog is about to attack him.

Ans 5- OPTION 1

Ans 6- OPTION 1 Only A has knowledge.

Ans 7- OPTION 2  Possession was not with Z.

Ans 8- OPTION 1   please note that BATMAN is guilty of attempt to murder and there is no such option here. Option 1 is the most appropriate answer.

Ans 9- OPTION 1

Ans 10- OPTION  4. Always stick to principle. Principle given here is of criminal conspiracy, while there is only 1 accused.

Ans 11- OPTION 3

Ans 12- OPTION 2. Only 4 people committed robbery. Principle strictly says -‘When 5 or more people jointly commit robbery….’

Ans 13- OPTION 2. Read the second part of the principle-‘A person is said to have intended the harm, insofar as he brings about the harm purposefully or knowingly.’

Ans 14- OPTION 2. since the cells were found in the abandoned spleen.

Ans 15- OPTION 1

Ans 16- OPTION 2 Loki died on account of the administration of general anaesthesia.

Ans 17- OPTION 1

Ans 18- OPTION 3. There was no communication of defamatory statement to a third party.

Ans 19- OPTION 2

Ans 20- OPTION 4

Ans 21- OPTION 3

Ans 22- OPTION 1

Ans 23- OPTION 3

Ans 24- OPTION 4

Ans 25- OPTION 2

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