Criminal Law Research & Review (CrLRR) [erstwhile Criminal Law Review (CrLR)] is a research organization founded by Ashwani Kumar Singh. CrLRR started as a criminal blog and later, transformed into a research organization and works with an aim to assist the legal fraternity, raise awareness, and influence policy decisions of governments in criminal law and allied fields. CrLRR takes up several research projects, runs a blog, and conducts various events with an aim to promote legal writing and research and to assist the legal fraternity in the field of criminal law.

As a research organization, CrLRR provides an effective platform for credible and comprehensive research work that deals with the intricacies and nuances of criminal law. We also publish handbooks and digest notes which can be accessed here. Visit the download page for further details 

For the CrLRR Blog, we solicit original and unpublished work from students, researchers, legal practitioners, and academicians in the field of criminal law.

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